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A short summary of the idea will go here.

Student: Udit Kumar agarwal
Pssible Mentors: Jason Kridner
GSoC: [NA]


This project is currently just a proposal.


Please complete the requirements listed on the ideas page and fill out this template.

Cross-compiled hello world application.
Cross-compiled UBOOT, logs at:

About you

IRC: uka_in
Github: madaari
School: Netaji Subash Institute of Technology
Country: India
Primary language : English,Hindi
Typical work hours : (8AM-1PM and 5PM-11PM IST) or (10:30PM-4AM and 7:30AM-1:30PM EST/EDT)
Previous GSoC participation: NA

BeagleFlasher:A javascript based, reliable beaglebone flasher


BeagleFlasher deals with providing an interactive web-based USB-GADGET interface(written in Node.js), which delivers a full-proof method for directly flashing the emmc over USB based virtual-Ethernet. It carefully integrates Node-USB along with several modules of wrapped in an electron framework,to provide a cross-platform, expendable tool, with large variety of input file types that enables newcomers, hobbyist to safely flash their Beagleboard with the desired OS.

Detailed Architecture of the project:


  • AM35xx when in USB gadget mode exposes a RNDIS interface and waits to load a Binary Blob(here,SPL) into SRAM
- First of all, a BOOTP request in sent by the host
- After recieving an ARP request,its response is sent
- then,after recieving a tftp request,SPL is sent
  • SPL/MLO once invoked,will tftp U-boot into DDR
  • U-boot will invoke it's ums command to boot into usb storage mode



Provide a development timeline with a milestone each of the 11 weeks. (A realistic timeline is critical to our selection process.)

2017-06-06: Milestone #1
2017-06-13: Milestone #2
2017-06-20: Milestone #3
2017-06-27: Milestone #4
2017-07-04: Milestone #5
2017-07-11: Milestone #6
2017-07-18: Milestone #7
2017-07-25: Milestone #8
2017-08-01: Milestone #9
2017-08-08: Milestone #10
2017-08-15: Milestone #11

Experience and approach

In 5-15 sentences, convince us you will be able to successfully complete your project in the timeline you have described.


What will you do if you get stuck on your project and your mentor isn’t around?


1.Interactive UI,easy to use, validated burning, Cross platform,no need of sd-card.
2.Option to download the image directly from web.
3.wide range of supported file types: zip, etch, gz, bz2, xz, img, iso, dsk, hddimg, raw

future add-ons
  • backup and restore feature of data on emmc
  • cloning beagle bone + easy custom image making


Is there anything else we should have asked you?