BeagleBoardToys/Reprogram ULCD7 Lite EEPROM

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Please follow the following steps to repgram the EEPROM of ULCD7 Lite:

  • Download the official Angstrom SD image 01-11-12 for your BeagleBoard-xM. This image supports the ULCD7 Lite. Please follow instructions here to write SD image to your SD card on a Windows machine.

  • Mount BeagleBoard-xM to the back of the ULCD7 Lite. Ensure the SD card has the downloaded image.

  • Ground the Write Protected pin of the EEPROM by using a jumper wire to connect TP1 to any nearby mounting holes. (See image)

  • Open a new connection to your BeagleBone serial port using a terminal program. (See image)

  • Power up the board.

  • Press Enter to stop at UBoot countdown. If you miss the countdown, press the reset button and try again. (See image)

  • Type following commands. Ignore errors "I2C read: I/O error. Error reading the chip".
    • i2c dev 1
    • i2c mm 0x51 00
    • 0
    • b
    • 0
    • 4
    • q

  • Press the reset button to reboot and press Enter to stop at UBoot again

  • If the EEPROM has been programmed correctly, the ULCD7 Lite will be recognized by the software and the first bytes of the EEPROM will be 0x00 0x0b 0x00 0x04. (See image)