BeagleBone xM LCD7

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BeagleBoard-xM LCD7

The BeagleBoard-xM LCD7 (previously called ULCD7 Lite) provides an LCD solution with touchscreen capability for BeagleBoard-xM boards. The 7" TFT LCD screen, attached to the topside of the board, can display up to a resolution of 800x480 and is a 4-wire resistive touchscreen. The backside of the board is where the BeagleBoard-xM and additional expansion boards can be mounted. The BeagleBoard-xM LCD7 Cape is also equipped with a reset button and a connector footprint for a WiFi expansion connector.

Note: The BeagleBoard-xM LCD7 only features footprint for 5 user pushbuttons. They are not populated on the PCB.

Note: The BeagleBoard-xM LCD7 boards are shipped with stand-offs. Bracket stands are optional when purchasing the BeagleBoard-xM LCD7.


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Revision Changes

Revision B

In revision B, the backlight circuit being modified to provide better current control for the LCD backlight. The LCD EDID EEPROM and support for other platforms have been removed; the board is now called BeagleBoard-xM LCD7 and supports only BeagleBoard-xM.

There are also some changes on the PCB; however, these changes are not populated; therefore, they will not affect the performance of the board.

The number of PCB layers has been reduced to 4. The PCB revision is changed to BB-XM-LCD7-PCB-01.

Revision A

Initial release of BeagleBoard-xM LCD7. These boards were called ULCD7 Lite.

Software Support

Angstrom Image

The BeagleBoard-xM_LCD7 is supported by following image:

The file below contains the checksum for both the ZIP file and the uncompressed image.

TI Demo Image

The image below is a TI demo image that also supports the BeagleBoard-xM_LCD7:

The file below contains the checksum for both the ZIP file and the uncompressed image.

Please follow the instructions here to write the image file to your SD card on a Windows machine.


This section covers the specifications of the BeagleBoard-xM_LCD7 and provides a high level description of the major components and interfaces that make up the board.

Electrical Specifications

LCD Size 7"
Panel Type a-Si TFT active matrix
Resolution 800 x 480
Colors 16.7M
Interface RGB 24b
Touch Panel Resistive
Backlight 27 LEDs White
Power 5V DC


LCD Panel 1x ThreeFive S9700RTWV35TR_01B
Indicators 1x Power LED
Headers 2x 28-pin expansion header*
1x LCD dual header
Buttons 1x Reset
Connectors 1x 5V DC Power

Mechanical Specifications

Size 4.5” x 6.9”
Layers 2
PCB thickness .062”
RoHS Compliant Yes


Product Images


System Reference Manual

Hardware Files

BeagleBoard-xM LCD7 Revision B

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ULCD7 Lite Revision A

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