Beagleboard:BeagleBone A6A Image 09.12.2012

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This page contains the release notes for BeagleBone A6 Image 09.12.2012

Release Notes

Changes from 8/14..12/9:

  • linux-ti335x-psp 3.2: mux orientation detect for camera sensor to gpio instead of gpmc
  • linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: update to 3.2.28 and add motorcape support
  • linux-mainline: update to 3.2.28
  • linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: update beaglebone defconfig
  • beaglebone tester: bump SRCREV for FTDI test
  • beaglebone-tester: FTDI eeprom test, v2
  • bonescript: update to latest git
  • linux-ti33x-psp 3.2: don't destroy SD cards when using SPI