Beagleboard:BeagleBone A6 Image 06.18.2012

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This page contains the release notes for BeagleBone A6 Image 06.18.2012

Release Notes

The 2012.06.18 image includes over 4 months of changes compared to the previous image (2012.02.14) and expands the number of supported capes. To make development easier for people a number of features have been added: PWM support, SPIdev support and 1-wire emulation.

All warnings and errors seen during bootup have been fixed so only actual errors get printed when they occur. A normal boot should have no errors or warnings at all. The USB driver has had a lot of changes, but it's hard to say if they have been an improvement or not, please try your favourite USB devices and report any issues you see at If you have a display capable cape attached you will get a GUI with a few things preinstalled to play with, XBMC being one of them. Report any issues or requests to the beagleboard mailinglist.

Supported capes:

  • DVI
  • VGA
  • 3.5" LCD (backlight with userspace hack)
  • 4.3" LCD (backlight with userspace hack)
  • 7" LCD
  • TT3201 CAN
  • SERL-01 (CAN)
  • SERL-03 (RS232)
  • Battery LBO
  • BeBoPR cape
  • Weatherstation

Boot changes:

  • Kernel is now loaded from /boot instead of VFAT, 'opkg upgrade' now works for kernel updates as well

Kernel changes:

  • Updated to 3.2.18
  • Initialize all PWMs by default
  • Enable PRUSS UIO module
  • Enable SPIdev by default
  • Enable w1-gpio by default
  • Fix libertas based wifi firmware loading
  • Disable heartbeat LED on crash and shutdown
  • Use 16x averaging for AIN instead of 2x to reduce touchscreen jitter

Userspace changes:

  • Update to node 0.6.x
  • Massive improvements to bonescript
  • Launch GUI if there's a display capable cape attached