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Serial Port Settings

The default serial port settings for the board are:

Baud 115,200
Bits 8
Parity N
Stop Bits 1
Handshake None

Standard FTDI Cable

The debug cable is a standard FTDI to TTL cable. Make sure you get the 3.3V version. You can purchase this from several different sources including but not limited to:

FTDI Cable.jpg

Pin 1 on the cable is the black wire and connects to pin 1 on the board, the pin with the white dot next to it.

Adafruit 4 Pin Cable (CP2102)

One is from *Adafruit. Originally this is a Prolific chipset based cable, as of Dec. 21, 2016 we will be shipping cables with SiLabs CP2012 chipset instead of Prolific.

RPI Serial.png

Board Cable
Pin 1 (GND) Black (GND)
Pin 4 (RX) Green (TX)
Pin 5 (TX) White (RX)


You will also find an extra RED wire on this cable that supplies 5V @ 500mA which could power the board if connected to one of the VDD_5V pins (P9_05, P9_06). Just leave it unconnected.

FTDI 3 Pin Cable

You can purchase the another version direct from *FTDI
This cable only has three wires for connection. You can find the datasheet and a picture at *Cable

Board Cable
Pin 1 (GND) Black (GND)
Pin 4 (RX) Orange (TX)
Pin 5 (TX) Yellow (RX)

Olimex 3 Pin Cable (PL2303) (Discontinued)

A third version is sold by *Olimex

Board Cable
Pin 1 (GND) Blue (GND)
Pin 4 (RX) Red (TX)
Pin 5 (TX) Green (RX)

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