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Boot Loader OBject

originally written for a Intel StrongArm SA-1100 based board as part of the LART Project. It was ported to several different platforms, but due to it's initial development being targeted at a single platform, porting it to other devices not based on the Intel StrongArm series proved difficult. the project has become defunct in favor of more robust bootloaders such as APEX and U-Boot.

Blob can…

   * initialise the hardware (CPU speed, memory, interrupts, RS232)
   * boot a linux kernel and provide it with a ramdisk
   * download a kernel or a ramdisk to the LART
   * write a freshly downloaded kernel or ramdisk to flash memory
   * determine the memory layout (and tell the kernel about the results)
   * give a command line to the kernel 

BLOB Project Page