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This page intends to collect the Google Summer of Code 2015 project ideas for Buildroot.

Quality tools improvement and development

The idea of this project is to improve the existing quality related tools used by the Buildroot community and create new tools. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Development of a script gathering statistics about the existing Buildroot packages, see if they are up-to-date with upstream, and if any known security issues exist for the current version of each package that exists in Buildroot. We already have some preliminary work on this topic, but it needs to be rewritten, cleaned up, and put into production.
  • Development of several scripts to help contributors test their package: verify coding style issues, and test the proper building of the package in various configurations.

Runtime testing

The idea of this project is to extend the current testing infrastructure which does only build testing, by adding a runtime testing aspect. After each test build, the resulting system would be booted under Qemu, and a number of test scenarios executed to verify that the packages included in the build are indeed working properly.

Other ideas

We do welcome other ideas from students applying for the Google Summer of Code 2015 program.