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How to set your device to boot from SD

Below is a short tutorial on how to get your literati and lookbook to boot from a SD card in the device.


use this information at your own risk. If you brick your device its on you not me. neither I or [1]take responsibility for misuse or bricking of your device. This is for testers only and should not be used by anyone looking for a fully functional OS. now with that said on to the requirements.


* USB->RS-232 cable or a level converter for a serial port or [2] search the internet for how to make that into a serial cable. also look at the serial hardware mod on the main literati page.
* android file system (i got mine from real6410.com)
* Android kernel(test kernels provided below)
* serial terminal program(i use realterm)
* SD card 256MB+
* Patience 


Media:0328111.zip:generic kernel with lte480 enabled at 24bit/n Media:0328112.zip:no SCSI change float points, backlight enabled Media:0328113.zip:change backlight class from module to built in

each zip has a zimage and .config. the config files are for compileing and were put in to keep track of what each zimage is.