CELF Project Proposal/Add pointer visualization to the kernel framebuffer

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Add input event mouse/touch pointer visualization on the kernel framebuffer
Leon Woestenberg <leon@sidebranch.com>


The current kernel framebuffer is an output only interface and relies on higher level libraries for input/output interaction.

For truly minimal systems (such as a Flash player running on the kernel framebuffer) it is very interesting to visualize mouse and touch events from the generic input event layer.

In first instance, this means a mouse pointer drawn on the framebuffer.

Pitfall: this should not become yet another graphics library. Only a mouse pointer to see to visualize mouse or touchscreen input events on the framebuffer.

Related work

This should take approx. 3 weeks of development and test effort.


Wouldn't the player itself take care of drawing the cursor? After all, everyone wants to theme the cursor in their own way to match whatever output they have. Otherwise, you get into the rabbit hole of the kernel having to maintain the cursor image itself, which gets worse when the cursor is context sensitive (think what happens to the cursor in your web browser as you move over different elements). The kernel sounds like the complete wrong place to handle this.