CELF Project Proposal/Create online training for using RT-preempt

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Create online training for using RT-preempt
Tim Bird


This project will enable embedded Linux engineers to much more quickly make effective use of the real-time preemption patch for the Linux kernel. Engineers will know precisely how to configure the kernel, how to use tools like cyclictest, and relevant kernel information about performance, such as page faults, from /proc.

Without tutorials like this, engineers must read the variety of references, and essentially figure things out for themselves. Presenting how to effectively use the technology will save the typical engineer much time and trouble. The goal is to save the typical engineer 50% of the time it would otherwise take them to learn how to use the rt-preempt patch approach to real-time with Linux. In addition this reference material will insure that engineers gain insight that would otherwise be costly and time consuming to acquire. Such as limitations of mlockall(), page fault avoidance techniques, and the functioning of priority inheritance.

Related work

40-50 hours