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Information about CPU Frequency Scaling.

From the CPUFreq home page:

 Clock scaling allows you to change the clock speed of the running CPU on the fly.
 This is a nice method to save battery power, because the lower the clock speed, the less
 power the CPU consumes. CPU Freq is a generic framework to make architecture implementation
 specifics transparent to a user. Currently, CPU Freq supports various ARM CPUs (Integrator,
 SA1100, SA1110), various x86's (AMD Power NOW, VIA Cyrix Longhaul), and various Super H CPUs
 (SH-4 7750/7751, SH-3, and so forth). This project also incorporates some work at reverse
 engineering support for Intel Speedstep technology.


Code Status

The code in the CELF tree doesn't bear much resemblance to the current patches. Note that this whole system appears to be a backport of this feature from the 2.5/2.6 kernel version.