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I am unable to ping or get an IP address on Revision A4. What is the solution?

The solution is that R219 needs to be removed. Refer to *Known Issuesfor the procedure to remove R219.

What is the difference between A3, A4, and A5 revsions?

After removing R219 on the A4, functionaly speaking, they are all the same. Refer to *Board Revision Changesfor more details on the differences.

What will be the changes on the Rev A6 version that I have heard about?

Rev A6 will add a resistor to the SMSC PHY that will allow R219 to be installeld on the board. This will enable the yellow LED to be on when at 100M and not have the ping or DHCP issue. This change required a PCB change. This board will be functionally the same as the other revisions of the BeagleBone and offers no real advantages from a user perspective..

If I power the BeagleBone from a 5V wall supply, can I still use the USB port for the terminal access?

Yes. The power routing is seperate from the USB port. Wall DC power will always override the USB port as the power source, but the USB communication will not be affected.

What is the best SD card to use?

It needs to be at least 4G to handle the image size. Some cards are optimized for writing and others for reading. For faster boots, the read optimized is better. Steve Sakoman has done an excellent analysis on SD cards that is well worth the read. SD Card Analysis