Connecting PCIe devices to Minnowboard MAX

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Using the Silverjaw Lure and a "PCIe to MPCIe" adapter card, it is possible to connect PCIe devices to the Minnowboard MAX.

The example below illustrates how to connect a unformatted NVMe SSD to the Minnowboard MAX:


  • Minnowboard Max
  • Silverjaw Lure
  • Bplus PM2C : PCI-E to mini PCI-E card (see here for more information)
  • Intel's DCP3700 Series SSD
  • FDD 4 Pin power connector
  • External 5V/12V power supply for the Blus PM2C adapter card
  • 5V/3.2A Power supply unit to the Minnowboard Max
  • Bootable USB with core-image-sato-sdk image (or image with a similar kernel)

Caption PCIe SSD, Silverjaw Lure, PM2C adaptercard DCP3700 SSD,Silverjaw lure connected to Minnowboard MAX, and PM2C adapter card


  1. Add the NVMe driver to the kernel image. For information on how to do this, see here
  2. Attach bootable USB
  3. Connect the Silverjaw Lure to the Minnowboard.
  4. Attach the Bplus PM2C adapter card to the mPCIe slot of the Silverjaw.
  5. Connect the FDD 4 pin connector to the PM2C adapter card.


  1. Connect the NVMe SSD to the x1 PCIe connector on the PM2C adapter card.
  2. Apply power to the PM2C adapter card through the FDD 4 pin connector
  3. Apply power to the Minnowboard Max. Ensure that the current on the power unit is atleast 3A.


Minnowboard MAX is now powered on and the SSD is seen as /dev/nvme0n1

Note: There are different "PCIe to mPCIe" adapters available that can be used with the Silverjaw. The PM2C adapter used here is just one example.