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This is my ZipIt wiki page..

My attempt to format the ZipIt Framebuffer Example for Bomberman

New ZipIt Firmware

It appears that I'll be finally learning about cross-compilation very soon. I'm interested in your wishlist for software on your ZipIt and I'll take into consideration your ideas as I work on my own firmware image.

The mysterious "Adam Firmware" seems to be the best starting point though I intend to research some of the tricks used in OpenWRT firmware for this device such as jffs2, ipkg so that we may modularize and EASILY customize our own installations without mucking about with unfamiliar and potentially dangerous tasks such as using dd.

I think that functionality requests should be broken down by functions and/or networking requirements:

Offline tools For use with or without AP
Network discovery To find wireless APs, auto connect, sniff..
Network tools Chat, ssh, the usual that require the Internet
Networked with storage Tools that require NFS/SMB mounts to be useful
Misc utils Helpful linux tools not currently present

Please append or modify within this page as you see fit.