LeapFrog Pollux Platform: Hardwire Serial Connection

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The serial console (115200 8N1) comes out to the cartridge connector.

  • Counting from the right
    • tx comes out on pin 12
    • rx on pin 11.

The UART is using +3.3V TTL level which means you will need a RS232_Level_Shifter or use one of the following usb->rs232 breakout boards:

Picture of the pinout of the Diji cartridge slot (Underside).

Picture from Claude Schwarz’s BLOG

TX, RX, GND, and VCC soldered directly to the pins.

  • Green UART-TX
  • Grey UART-RX
  • Black GROUND
  • Red +3.3V

The +3.3V isn't needed for all Uart connections, however some of the USB->RS-232 breakout boards may require a +3.3V reference voltage.