EBC Exercise 08 Mounting a Remote Directory via sshfs

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thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder

sshfs is a handy tool that lets you access a remote directory via ssh. Therefor you can have files on your Bone computer appear on your host computer.


To make the Bone's files appear on your host.

host$ sudo apt update
host$ sudo apt install sshfs


Then make a directory where you want them to appear.

host$ mkdir bone.files

Then mount them. The is the address of the bone. debian is the login name and the :. says to use debians home directory. (If you've set up the shortcuts you could just use ssh bone:. bone.files.)

host$ sshfs debian@ bone.files
host$ ls bone.files

You should see the files in debian's home directory on the bone.


When you are done run:

host$ sudo umount bone.files

thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder