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thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder

Up to this point you've learned how to to gpio, analog in, pwm, i2c and git. The purpose of this mini project is to have you design a program that uses all of these.


It's up to you to decide just what your mini project does, however it must:

  1. use at least 1 interupt driven gpio input (it could read a switch)
  2. use one gpio output (it could blink an LED)
  3. use a PWM output (maybe blink or dim and LED)
  4. use an i2c device (read a temperature?)
  5. use at least one analog in (read a voltage?)
  6. handle a ^C interrupt

Some Ideas

Think of some interesting combinations of these. For example:

  1. You could read a voltage off a potentiometer and use it to control the brightness of an LED using the PWM output.
  2. When a push button is pressed the temperature is read from an i2c device and displayed.
  3. A TMP102 i2c is used. When the temp exceeds a certain level an interrupt is generated and a message is printed.
  4. Use two analog inputs to control the location of a lit LED on an Mini 8x8 LED Matrix.

What To Turn In

  1. Create a repository on https://github.com/
  2. List your repository ECE497 Contributions and Project Status here.
  3. Make a subdirectory in your github repository called MiniProject01.
  4. Put all you files in the directory, include a ReadMe.txt that explains what you project does and how to use it.
  5. Document your code.

thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder