ECE497 Project BeagleWall Implementation

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Team members: Douglas Selby, Randy Billingsley

Executive Summary

The project's main goals are to implement a firewall program running on the BeagleBoard, which will be connected physically or wirelessly to another network-enabled device.

Installation Instructions

User Instructions

Connect the wireless adapter to the external WiFi network, and connect an Ethernet cable between the BeagleBoard and a router. The router should not be connected directly to the external network. Any number of external devices (i.e. laptop computers) should also be connected to the router in an indentical manner, but these networked devices should not have alternative network connections enabled during the program execution.


Theory of Operation

The BeagleWall program should function as both a gateway and a proxy, enabling the router to route the data stream to the secondary devices and providing them with an external network connection. The BeagleWall program executing on the BeagleBoard should be able to monitor all the traffic going through the router (via a Wireshark-like program), as well as implementing port forwarding and other standard firewall features.

Work Breakdown