ECE497 Status Report

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I don't need this anymore...

Ece497’ers: I need to get some documentation about what you have done in the class. I want it in the form of a status report which is due Tuesday morning 3-May-2011. There are two broad parts to the report, Listings and Labs


I’ve asked you to create listings for the sections of chapters 4-8 that we covered. Please tell me which ones you have done. If you’ve already given them to me there is no need to send them again. If you haven’t gotten them to me, please include them in another file.


ECE497 Calendar and Exercises lists some 14 Labs that I’ve assigned. For labs 1-13, please give the following information for each lab:

State if you have finished the lab.
Tell me a couple of things you learned from the lab, or found interesting. Are there ways it could be improved or expanded?
Some of the labs have questions to be answered in the assignment. Please answer them.

None of these have to be long, just enough so I can tell you’ve done the lab and what your learned. If you haven’t finished some of the labs, just say so, and update the report when you have finished the lab. This will be part of your grade.


--Prof. Yoder