ELC Europe 2013 Presentations

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Presentations from Linux Foundation's ELCE 2013 (LF conference archive).

Some of the videos are available at video playlist.

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Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Day 1 (24th Oct. 2013)
Chris Simmonds Keynote: A timeline for embedded Linux PDF
Michael Christofferson A Portable Clock Cycle Based Performance Measurement System PDF
Darren Hart How Not to Write x86 Platform Drivers PDF
Dave Stewart How to Beat Codesweats with the Yocto Project PDF
Hisao Munakata LTSI: Long Term Stable Kernel and it's Testing PDF
Thomas Petazzoni Device Tree for Dummies PDF
Russ Dill Extending the swsusp Hibernation Framework to ARM PDF
Wolfram Sang Maintainer's Diary - We Have a Scaling Problem PDF
Michael Opdenacker Small Business BOF PDF
Marek Vasut Using i.MX28/i.MX233 without Freescale tools PDF
Scott Wood TPL:SPL Loading SPL (and, SPL as just another U-Boot config) PDF
Stefano Babic Falcon Boot: current status and enhancements PDF
Mark Rutland Devicetree: The Disaster So Far PDF
Mischa Jonker Fighting latency: How to optimize your system using perf PDF
Paul Eggleton Keeping It Green: Integrated QA with the Yocto Project PDF
Simon Glass Verified Boot on Chrome OS and How to do it yourself PDF
Lukasz Majewski Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) - present situation and future development PDF
Gregory Clement Common Clock Framework how to use it PDF
Will Deacon From Weak to Weedy: Effective Use of Memory Barriers in the ARM Linux Kernel PDF
Jonathan Austin Linux From Sensors to Servers - When is Linux not Linux? PDF
Patrick Titiano Use-Case Power Management Optimization: Identifying & Tracking Key Power Indicators PDF
Jagan Teki U-Boot Verified RSA Boot Flow on ARM (With Demo Run) PDF
Simon Glass Driver Model, Kconfig and little Patman PDF
Tom Hacohen EFL - A UI Toolkit Designed for the Embedded World PDF
Marta Rybczynska Going Linux on Massive Multicore PDF
Matt Ranostay Sigrok: Using Logic to Debug Logic PDF
Tim Bird Status of Embedded Linux (October 2013) PDF
Karim Yaghmour Android Platform Debugging and Development PDF
Behan Webster LLVMLinux: The Linux Kernel with Dragon Wings PDF
Jessica Zhang Modernize Embedded Linux Software Development Tool to Achieve Development Anywhere PDF
Day 2 (25th Oct. 2013)
Morten Rasmussen BOF Power Aware Scheduling PDF
Alison Chaiken Best Practices for Long Term Support and Security of the Device-Tree (DT) PDF
Martin Bis Secure Embedded Linux Product - A Success Story PDF
Jeff Osier-Mixon BOF Yocto Project & OpenEmbedded PDF
Nicolas Launet Linux Kernel Debug and Profiling Tools PDF
Arnout Vandecappelle Android on Non-Mobile Embedded Systems PDF
Christian Babeux Bridging the Gap Between Hardware and Software Tracing PDF
Holger Dengler Linux Secured Integrity - Protention Against Remote Attacks PDF
Peter Korsgaard Buildroot: What is new PDF
Mehmet Faith Karagoz Node.JS Appliances on Embedded Linux Devices PDF
Guillene Ribiere Optimize DMA Configuration in Encryption Use Case PDF
Karim Yaghmour Running Code in the Android Stack PDF
Yoshitake Kobayashi An Essential Relationship between Real-time and Resource Partitioning PDF
Pantelis Antoniou Board File to Device Tree Migration: A War Story PDF
Lucas Stach Next-Generation DMABUF : How To Efficiently Play Back Video on Embedded Systems PDF
Frank Rowand Using and Understanding the Real-Time Cyclictest Benchmark PDF
Pawell Moll BoF Hardware Trace in the Kernel PDF
Koen Kooi Are Embedded Build Systems Still Needed? PDF
Attila Kinali Debugging Electronics for the Software Engineer PDF
Mark Hatle SPDX and the Yocto Project PDF
Sascha Hauer Barebox and Bootloader Specification PDF
John Hawley Building Interesting and Complex Robotics Using x86 Computers PDF
Scott Garman Building Robots That Can See PDF