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Policy and Content Licensing


  • This site is wholly intended as a public site created by and for the Embedded Linux Community. Content posted herein will comply with the following policies:
  • A wiki author shall retain rights and ownership to any material posted to this wiki that they currently hold the rights and ownership for.
  • It is the responsibility of a content author to understand the legalities of the content they are posting. The Editor(s) reserve the right to remove content that is found to not comply with any of the policies, guidelines or intents found herein. This may include content that is deemed offensive, illegal, infringing on copyrighted material, or out of scope of the topic of Embedded Linux.
  • This wiki is considered a Neutral location for content. This means that no sponsoring interest can or will retain rights over any content with the exception of content to which the party already retained rights.


  • Unlicensed content is any post to the wiki that does not either explicitly (via declaration) or implicitly (through inheritance) carry a license already.
  • Unlicensed content will default to one of the following licenses depending on its nature:
    • The Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC BY-SA) - This license applies to all unlicensed content that is NOT code.
    • The GNU General Public License, Version 2 (GPLv2) - This license will apply to all unlicensed code or code snippets.
  • Prior Licensed Content
    • Prior licensed Code posted to the wiki must carry a license in compliance with the Open Source Initiative's (OSI) definition of an open source license.
    • Code patches posted to the wiki will carry the license of the code to which the patch applies.

Addition Inherited Policy

NOTE: The following eLinux Wiki Policies and Guidelines borrow heavily from the Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines.

You don't need to read every eLinux Wiki policy before you contribute. However, the following policies are particularly important to the project, and the sooner you understand and use them, the better:

  1. eLinux Wiki is not an encyclopedia. Although content of an encyclopedic nature may appear here on occasion, it will generally be in support of other content. Content of an encyclopedic nature should be added to Wikipedia and linked back here.
  2. Respect other contributors. eLinux Wiki contributors come from many different countries and cultures, and have widely different views. Treating others with respect is key to collaborating effectively in building an this resource.
  3. Don't infringe copyrights. eLinux Wiki is a free developer resource licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Submitting work which infringes copyrights threatens our objective to build a truly free resource that anyone can redistribute and could lead to legal problems.
  4. eLinux Wiki encourages original research. As the central resource for leading edge Embedded Linux work, you are encouraged to submit your research, test results, etc. to the Embedded Linux community through this wiki.


In addition to the generally accepted policies listed above, a very large number of Wikipedia Guidelines have been adopted by eLinux Wikipedians. These are used to provide guidance in various situations that arise on Wikipedia. They cover everything from naming conventions and sensitive terms that should be avoided to how to get along, and why not to bite the newcomers.

The eLinux Wiki adheres to Wikipedia guidelines, although exceptions may be made in the future.