Embedded Open Modular Architecture/EOMA68/EEPROM Data Format

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assuming agreement on the DIDS layout, below is a proposed definition for the two pages we currently know we must have:

  • a device ID page
  • a device tree page


To standardize the process of identifying a chassis (or any hardware device, for that matter?) and the components/devices on the chassis which can not be discovered reliably through probing.


Define two DIDS conforming pages, one for identification information and the other for device tree information, and assign them Page Identifiers (PID).


  • Name: Device Identification
  • PID: 0x01

Page data layout

Byte(s)                         Value
==== ================
2 Device type (assigned centrally) 2 Device revision 4 Vendor ID (assigned centrally) 4 Product ID (vendor generated, registered centrally) N Manufacturer cstring N Product cstring N Serial number cstring

* Name: Device tree
* PID: 0x02

Page data consists of a standard “dtb” blob as generated by a device tree
compiler (dtc) compliant with the Device Tree standard defined at