Hammer Kit

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The Hammer Kit includes everything you need to start developing with Linux on the 40-pin ARM9 Hammer CPU board.

The Hammer Kit contains one each of the following items:

  • Hammer: Samsung S3C2410A ARM9 CPU board in a 40-pin DIP package
  • Hammer Carrier: prototyping board designed for use with the Hammer CPU board
  • Flyswatter: USB based JTAG programmer for the Hammer CPU board
  • 5V1A Power Supply: 5V power supply for the Hammer Carrier board
  • USB Cable A to B: USB cable for the Flyswatter
  • RS232 Serial Cable – serial cable to connect the Hammer Carrier to a PC/terminal
  • JTAG ribbon cable (14 pin - 2 x 7, length = 8 inches)
  • Hammer Kit CD – The CD includes source code and binaries for the bootloader, Linux 2.6 kernel, and a uClibc/Busybox based root file system. Also included is OpenOCD for Linux, board schematics, and application notes.