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Squeak is version of the Smalltalk programming language.

To build Squeak for the Hammer, copy the buildroot-hammer.tar.gz tarball into your buildroot directory. Then execute:

tar xzf buildroot-hammer.tar.gz

To add Squeak to buildroot, you have to edit the buildroot/package/Config.in file and add the following line to the Interpreter languages / Scripting menu, or any other menu.

source "package/squeak/Config.in"

After doing this, you can build Squeak just like any other software in buildroot and it will be compiled and added to your rootfs image.

-------- Note --------

Building squeak requires a soft-float version of the toolchain.

This will compile and build squeak. Currently, the files will be placed in buildroot/project_build_arm/Hammer/root/usr/lib/squeak/3.6-3/

Some precompiled versions, along with a hammer.image file can be found over here.

A precompiled version of the rootfs and kernel, which have soft-float enabled can be found over here.