Hold Fuego mini-summit and Hackathon

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Hold a Fuego mini-summit and/or Hackathon
Tim Bird


Fuego is a large enough project that it would be good to start holding Fuego-specific meetings and events. We have already had one such event: See http://elinux.org/Japan_Technical_Jamboree_58-1

It would be good to hold a dedicated event, or a Hackathon. Tim was approached at LinuxConf China to be involved in a hackathon event hosted by Fudan University in Shanghai. The timing of the event does not work for this year - it is the same week as ELCE. However, it might be good to consider formally holding a Fuego mini-summit, or having Fuego be present for a multi-topic hackathon, or hosting its own hackathon.

Depending on the route chosen, this will require different efforts: 1) in the case of a mini-summit, attendees would provide the content, and the coordinator would need to coordinate the event content (select and schedule speakers), as well as secure a venue, make announcements, and arrange registration (if needed). 2) in the case of a mini-summit co-located with an existing event, the coordinator needs to coordinate the event content, and CELP would need to pay the hosting organization (likely LF) for the venue and for announcements and logistics. 3) in the case of a self-hosted hackathon, the work is similar to option (1), but with the additional work to create tutorials for new developers, as well as arrange to support machines at the venue, and to select projects to work on at the hackathon. Also, there should be arrangements to provide mentors. 4) For involvement in a pre-arranged hackthon, the coordinator needs to develop the tutorials, select projects to work on, and help arrange mentors.

The matrix really comes down to combinations of: self-hosted vs. external-hosted by mini-summit vs hackathon

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  • obtaining a venue (if self-hosted): about 2-4 weeks
  • coordinating speaker content: about 1 week
  • managing attendees (outreach, announcements, etc.): about 1 week
  • create tutorials and select projects (for hackathon): about 2 weeks
  • arrange mentors (for hackathon): about 1 week

Note: these are rough estimates.


Also some funding will be needed for the event itself.

The prices for HackxFDU are:

- Bronze: $2500
- Silver: $5000
- Gold: $10000

The Linux Foundation can also arrange a mini-summit to the side of one of their events. The cost for this is about $25000 for one day in a single room (about 50 people).

Contractor/Coordinator Candidates