Implement the Bluetooth Sim Access Profile(SAP) Client Role

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Implement the Bluetooth Sim Access Profile(SAP), Client Role

Implement the Bluetooth Sim Access Profile(SAP), Client Role
Gustavo F. Padovan


The Bluetooth SIM Access Profile[0] (Client Role) enables a local device to access a remote SIM Card through a Bluetooth link. A common use case is in IVI systems, with your car-embedded system accessing your phone via Bluetooth to make use of the SIM Card remotely.

SAP will be implemented inside the BlueZ[1] and oFono[2] projects, BlueZ will handle the creation and authorization of the Bluetooth link, and then pass via a DBus interface the link file descriptor to oFono handle the remote SIM Card. oFono already knows how to deal with SIM Cards, so it's more a matter of constructing a DBus interface and giving the file descriptor to it.

This project is similar to the Handfree Profile(HFP) implementation [3], which I did about an year ago.

Related Work


As a rough estimative, this should take 7 weeks for one person.

Contractor Candidates

I work at ProFUSION Embedded Systems, currently doing a series of taks on the oFono project, and I'm the Linux Kernel maintainer of the Bluetooth stack. I'm also a Developer of the BlueZ and ConnMan projects, and would like to propose myself as the Contractor.