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If you attach a Bluetooth adapter to Jetson TK1, you can potentially use a Bluetooth wireless mouse & keyboard or control a robot or Arduino or smartphone wirelessly. Jetson TK1 can use Bluetooth adapters that are USB dongles or mini-PCIE boards, and there are also combo Wifi + Bluetooth devices.

Steps to get Bluetooth working on L4T

(Tested on Jetson TK1 running L4T r19.3)

First you need to use a custom L4T kernel that has Bluetooth support. You can use The Grinch kernel by user Santyago, or create your own L4T kernel with the following Bluetooth settings enabled in the kernel defconfig, then re-compile the L4T kernel with the modified defconfig file, and flash the new kernel onto your device:


Now boot the board into the Ubuntu graphical desktop and enable Bluetooth:

  1. Go to "System Settings -> Bluetooth", and make sure Bluetooth is set to ON.
  2. Click on the "+" button to add devices. This opens the Bluetooth New Device Setup wizard.
  3. Turn on your Bluetooth devices and go to connect mode (usually by pushing the "Connect" button).
  4. The Device window will list the devices discovered by the search.
  5. Select the device to configure by clicking on it in the list. Click "Continue".
  6. Repeat #5 for each additional device to configure.
  7. The devices should be ready for use.

Known working Bluetooth USB adapters


  • 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode) (based on CSR 41B14)
  • 0a5c:218c Broadcom Corp. (based on BCM2070)

Known working Bluetooth mini-PCIe adapters

  • Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 (rev bb)

Known non-working Bluetooth adapters

Known working Bluetooth devices (mice, keyboards, headsets, etc)

Known non-working Bluetooth devices