Jetson/L4T/r28.2.1 patches

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Fix missing timestamp for vi4
Symptom/observe: can not get the timestamp by v4l2 interface
Fix FE syncpt wait (observe first 3 green/corruption frames)
Symptom/observe: first few green/corruption frames
Error handling mechanism for T186 (recovery mechanism)
Symptom/observe: feature implement for T186.
Fix multiple sources per single session can't launch 4 and above sensors.
Symptom/observe: Argus - Syncing multiple source single session can't open 4 and above sensors.
Fix argus_camera launch failure with CSI-camera + USB-camera
Symptom/observe: CSI-cameras is able to capture with v4l2 or gstreamer, but argus_camera launching failed with USB-camera connected
Add low_latency_mode control for latency support.
add "--set-ctrl low_latency_mode=1" to the capture command line.


[MMAPI]Cannot run NvVideoDecoder in loop/Memory leak in NvVideoEncoder
[MMAPI]Fail to decode via NvJpegdecoder
[MMAPI]Cannot run nvjpeg encoder on child process
[GSTREAMER]Hit segment fault wilie linking nvjpegenc and nvjpegdec
[GSTREAMER]Memory leak in nvcompositor
[GSTREAMER]fix temporal-tradeoff is not working


Fix TTY rt-flush thread not seeing data
Symptom/observe: When using rt-flush on a serial-port, data is only available after 256 bytes have been received


[PIN config] DPx_AUX_CH_xx as i2c function.
[script for flash multiple device]
[SDMMC] erase speed is slow

TX1 Watchdog

Enable watchdog to reboot got reboot hang sometimes.