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Web Browsers in L4T

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox works in L4T but it hasn't been optimized in any way, and so it runs very slowly. Chromium is likely to run faster in L4T.

Google Chromium

Google Chromium works in L4T. WebGL works great out of the box, it's a pleasure watching WebGL Demos.

Flash video in Chromium (for Youtube, etc)

Peter Bauer notes: I copied the pepper flash libs from the Arch Linux armv7 distribution to "/usr/lib" and added these flags to the file "/etc/chromium-browser/default":


Then I installed the "Magic actions for Youtube" extension in Chromium and forced the use of Flash for video playback. Now flash video works in the Chromium browser on Jetson TK1 including youtube.

Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding in Chromium

Please see the instructions to recompile Chromium with H/W acceleration support.