JuiceBox Boot Rom

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  • 0x00000248 initial entry point (jumps to 0x00590000)
  • 0x00590000 cart id section
  • 0x005D0000 uclinux bootloader
  • 0x00000250 juiceware bootloader section
  • 0x04000000 base address of the NAND flash in the cart
  • 0x0C180000 base address in ram where bootloader is copied
  • 0x00003C88 address where code jumps to ram (0x0C180000)

when a valid cartridge is detected in the "cart id section" (0x00590000) the bootloader jumps to the "juiceware bootloader section" (0x00000250), it then copies code from the NAND flash at 0x04000000 using Chip'Select2 to the ram address of 0x0C180000. once the code has been copied and other inits have occurred, the bootloader at 0x00003C88 issues a jump to 0x0C180000 which then starts executing the code that was copied from the cart.