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Butt the two PCBs together with a little glue on each surface. Start out with just enough glue to tack the two pieces together. Use the front half Juiceware shell for alignment being careful not to glue it to the PCBs (yet). Once everything is lined up properly add more glue to the joint for added strength.

After the glue sets test fit the pieces. NOTE: The rear shell does not need to be cut back by as much as shown (this one was from a previous failed experiment;-). Cut it just enough that it fits, possibly notching it where it goes over the socket PCB so it acts as a clamp to help hold the two PCBs together.

12-JB-XD-a.jpg 13-JB-XD-a.jpg

Start by wiring the power (red) and ground (black).Don't worry about the color of the wire, you can use one color for everything. It just helps to show the different sections.

14-JB-XD-a.jpg PowerGround2.png

Next the data bus (yellow). Because the insulation on the wire is about the same pitch as the pads on the PCB it helps to alternate the direction that the wire is soldered down; first wire goes to the right the second to the left (see the picture).NOTE: If you find that soldering to the pads isn't working out you can solder to the gold fingers. Just match the number on the socket with the number at the connector in the diagram. Soldering to the fingers is easier but the rear shell will need to be notched where it goes over the fingers. Try not to get too much solder on the gold. Put tape over the lower part of the fingers to keep the solder from flowing down them.

15-JB-XD-a.jpg DataBus2.png

Attach the control signals (purple). All but one of these signals uses a via. Lightly scrape the soldermask off both sides of the via before soldering. Careful not to damage the copper etch.NOTE: Again the gold fingers are labeled (A-G) for reference. One of the connections (C) is not directly to the fingers. (G is not wired in the picture.)

16-JB-XD-a.jpg Control2.png

Carefully check the wiring then put it all together. Everything should fit together nicely held by the two screws.


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