JuiceWare Xd Socket4

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This is a good point at which to test the unit. Plug it in without the xD card to make sure that the Juicebox powers up. Running the mem tests (hold play and rewind as you power it up) should indicate there is no MMC or cartridge detected. Now power down and put an xD card in the socket. The mem test should detect that there is a cartridge and will show a manufacturer ID and memory size. If everything is working properly you will get the same checksum each time the test is run.


Next build the JuiceWare Test Image. Use JuiceBox_JTAG interface to write the image to the xD card. Once the image is written power cycle the JuiceBox and you should see the "Juicebox demo #2" running.


At this point the unit should be fully functional. If there are any problems see the troubleshooting section JuiceWare Xd Socket5. Get everything working before proceeding.

You may want to glue the top half of the cartridge to the PCB for added strength. Don't get any glue into the socket or on the gold fingers. In case there is a problem in the future (loose wire etc.) it is best not to glue the back half on, the two screws will be enough to hold it together.

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