LeapFrog NXP3200 Platform: dev mode

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Enabling the built in "Developer" Mode

  • This is only tested on Leappad 2, but probably works on any NXP3200 leapfrog devices.

If you cat rcS you can see previsions for a developer mode that enables usb networking and starts ftp and telnet servers.

cat /etc/init.d/rcS 

To Enable dev mode you will need console access, either with a ttl serial adapter or it may be possible via OpenLFConnect.

Once you have console access,type:

# cd /flags


# mkdir developer

After a reboot the device will now enable usb networking and the ftp and telnet servers.

On the host pc I had to set the usb networking device to a static ip in the 192.168.0.x range

The ip of the leappad2 is fixed to

With the ftp server this gives the ability to browse the whole device, including Game cart contents.