Leapster Explorer: Over Clock

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This tutorial shows you how to overclock or underclock your Leapster Explorer.

Hardware Needed

Console Access


To set the CPU Frequency run this command, example is 532.5mhz:

# echo 532500000 > /usr/speed
# cat /usr/speed > /sys/devices/platform/lf1000-gpio/cpu_freq_in_hz


Once you have tested your overclock, and are sure that it is stable, and you haven't made any typos. You can make the change permanent.

There is a line in /etc/init.d/rcS that checks for /flags/cpu_freq_in_hz, and automatically copies the contents to /sys/devices/platform/lf1000-gpio/cpu_freq_in_hz

It is important that you test your chosen cpu frequency first using the procedure in section 1, or you might be left with an unbootable device.

# echo 532500000 > /flags/cpu_freq_in_hz

Now just reboot, and your Leapster Explorer will automatically boot at the faster speed. Again, this is dangerous, so test it first with the above method. I cannot stress this enough.

Test Results

GrizzlyAdams was able to get his to run at any arbitrary speed between 180MHz and 580Mhz. At 164MHz the display went blank, and serial port stopped responding. At 600MHz a kernel panic occurred.