Leapster Explorer: Play Theora Videos

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This how-to will show you how to load your own Theora (Ogg Vorbis) video files on to the Leapster Explorer and play them from the standard User Interface.


SFTP Access

Programs Needed

All programs are available for Windows and Linux.


LAME mp3 Encoder

OpenDidj Video Template Package (If you no longer have ConnectMovieApp installed)

SFTP Program

  • This tutorial uses the Linux command line, you can also use a GUI program in either Windows or Linux

Convert and Upload Video

Each program needs to contain a few different files in its directory, for it to work correctly with the LeapFrog GUI. First thing you'll need to do, is connect to your device with your SFTP program.

Get Video Packaging

We are going to use the ConnectMovieApp folder as the base template for holding our video file. From your host PC run the following command:

$ scp -r root@ .

Scp will then download the files to your current working directory.

Encoding the Video

For Linux ffmpeg2theora is included in most distribution repos so install using your distributions method. On Windows see the link in Programs Needed.

Encoding the file is done with one line:

 ffmpeg2theora -o output_video.ogg -F 12 -H 16000 -x 320 -y 240 input_video.avi

Encoding the Menu Audio

The menu sound is played after you make a selection, and it asks you if you are sure. The mp3 found in the Audio/ folder is the one used, to encode you're own using LAME run:

lame.exe -b 48 -m m --resample 44 <input>.wav <output>.mp3

Then replace the one provided and change the name in the main directories GameInfo.json file to point it.

Editing the Package Files

Depending on your firmware version, ConnectMovieApp may no longer be available. You can use the OpenDidj version which was pulled from an old update. Anywhere you see OpenDidj, you can replace it with your name.

First thing to do is to open the ConnectMovieApp directory and inside the Video directory delete the ConnectMovie.ogg and LExplorer_ConnectMovie_Mix_V6.ogg place your newly encoded file in this directory. You may need to use a Leaplet code or find someone that has the package, that could give you the files, as ConnectMovieApp may not exist on your device.

Open the VideoInfo.json file and replace the ConnectMovie.ogg and LExplorer_ConnectMovie_Mix_V6.ogg lines with your new video filename.

Moving back to the parent directory you can edit the GameInfo.json with some infomation about your video rather then the default you could also use this time to edit the ConnectMovie001.png to something more meaningful.

Rename the directory from ConnectMovieApp to something that means something.

Upload the Movie

 scp -r NewVid root@

Unplug the USB cable and enjoy your new video.