Linux Debugging and Performance Tuning

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Linux(R) Debugging and Performance Tuning: Tips and Techniques

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Steve Best, Prentice Hall PTR, ISBN-13: 978-0131492479

Guide to Linux software debugging & tuning at both kernel and application levels. Using extensive Linux code examples, Steve Best systematically introduces open source tools and best-practice techniques for delivering bug-free, well-tuned code. Topics include:

  • bottleneck identification,
  • code coverage,
  • debuggers: gdb, kgdb, kdb and DDD.
  • Memory management,
  • /proc kernel data analysis,
  • system process monitoring,
  • network performance,
  • oops bug messages syslog,
  • execution traces, including strace, ltrace
  • profiling, including gprof and OProfile
  • dynamic probes (kprobes),
  • User Mode Linux (UML),
  • crash dump analysis.

For nearly each topic related to debugging and performance tuning, this book has at least hints on how to start and which tools to use. In nearly any case, this will be enough to get you started and to understand the limitations. You will have to do extra research to understand all details of each tool. The book is not geared towards embedded - the concepts of cross-development / cross-debugging or specific architectures are never mentioned.