Marvell EBU:Armada 7K8K

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Marvell Armada 7K/8K is a family of SoCs, based on a modular design. The SoC is split into several big hardware blocks: one AP (containing the processor cores and a few peripherals) and one or several CP (containing most high-speed peripherals). Having several CP blocks allows to multiply the number of available peripherals (PCIe, network, SATA, XOR, etc.).

The Marvell Armada 7K/8K SoCs are composed of a combination of AP806 dual Cortex-A72, AP806 quad Cortex-A72 and CP110 blocks:

  • Armada 7020: one AP806 dual Cortex-A72, one CP110
  • Armada 7040: one AP806 quad Cortex-A72, one CP110
  • Armada 8020: one AP806 dual Cortex-A72, two CP110
  • Armada 8040: one AP806 quad Cortex-A72, two CP110


Supported boards