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Anstrom supports a large number of modern packages per a default install, as well as through opkg. However, not all the available packages are available via opkg, and some are more easily added to the distribution during your initial image build. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to add additional additional packages to your Angstrom build. For our example package, I've selected "tmux" as it's an excellent alternative to screen, and is not available as a downloadable opkg.


  1. You have made it to the "Customize Your Build" step on the Building Angstrom Linux for the MinnowBoard guide.

This guide can be used as an outline for almost any kind of package you'd like to add support for, though you may find that some packages are less maintained than others, and require additional patching in order to compile and build.

Finding a recipe (package!) to install

We already know that we want to install the "tmux" package, which is an easy enough package to figure out based on the name alone. But, some packages aren't quite as easy, so it should be understood how we arrived at that name.

Inside your 'setup-scripts' directory (The full path per the prior guide was "/opt/minnowboard/ourbuild/setup-scripts") run the following command:

bitbake-layers show-recipes

This command will take a while to run on it's first invocation, so be patient! Note that what appears is a listing of all the recipes that are available. You'll notice in this list the following entry:

 meta-oe              1.6

Important Note: If you get an error to the effect that "bitbake-layers: command not found" this is because the command is not in your path. To add the path to your environment (and assuming you're in the "setup-scripts" directory) run the following command:

source sources/openembedded-core/oe-init-build-env

After the environment is restored, go ahead and try running the bitbake-layers command again.

Adding your package to the package selection set

Once you've found your package, this part is relatively easy. Simply edit your "setup-scripts/conf/local.conf" and add the following line at the end:

IMAGE_INSTALL_append=" tmux"

Note the space after the first parenthesis. That seems to be important.

After this - you're done! Continue the build process at the "Compile Time" step in the Building Angstrom Linux for the MinnowBoard guide.