Mounting AFP Shares To a Mac Over Local Network

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If you want to connect your RPi to a file share on your Mac over a network, this tutorial may help. It took me a while to figure out as I am new to Linux. You there is a better way, please revise this wiki.

This tutorial is based on the following forum post [1]


- On you Mac your file sharing is set up - Raspberry Pi is running on "wheezy".

1. Login as root:

pi@raspberrypi ~ $

2. Make a directory for your shared drive:

sudo mkdir myshare

3. In order to mount the share, you need some packages from afpfs-ng:

sudo apt-get install afpfs-ng

4. After it is installed, you need to find the location of your mac on the network.

System Preferences>Network>

On my network it is located at Yours may be different

5. Find the name of your share on your mac

System Preferences>Sharing>

Find the folder you want to mount, or create. Note the name of the folder. You'll need it later. My is called "Mame"

6. Type the following in your RPi Terminal

cd myshare

7. The mounting instructions require the following arguments

sudo mount_afp afp://[username]:[password]@[ipAddressOfMac]/[sharename] [locationToMountTo]

username = you mac id

password = your mac password

sharename = is the shared folder from step 5

ipAddressOfMac = From Step 4

locationToMountTo = From step 6

Your command should look something like this when you type it into the terminal:

sudo mount_afp afp://yourMacName:yourMacPassword@ /home/pi/myshare

You should see this:

The afpfs daemon does not appear to be running for uid 0, let me start it for you

Mounting from Mame on ./

Mounting of volume Mame of server Philly's iMac succeeded.

8. Type "mount" to you all your mounted shares


Look for your share. There is a lot if info return so you'll have to search for it. Should look something like this:

Philly's iMac:Mame on /home/pi/myshare

9. Ok, the tricky part. Its mounted, but for some reason permissions are denied. Back out of the directory.

cd ..

cd /home/pi/myshare

You get:

-bash: cd: /home/pi/myshare: Permission denied

So try su


You get:

su: Authentication failure

Hmmm whats the issue? I read there is a bug somewhere and to fix this. I found this post in the form which was a big help [2] type:

sudo gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/gksu/sudo-mode true

10. Also, changes the permissions on myshare:

sudo chmod 777 myshare

11. Login in as a the superuser

sudo su

12. Your prompt will change:


cd myshare

Thats it! Good Luck