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BeagleBone Black Skywire Cellular Cape

Connect the BeagleBone Black development platform to the Internet of Things (IoT) quickly and easily with NimbeLink’s BeagleBone Black Cape. Whether you are a hobbyist or a developer preparing a product for launch, NimbeLink’s cape and your choice of NimbeLink Skywire plug-in cellular modems will provide the cellular connectivity you need. But cellular connectivity is just one of the capabilities NimbeLink’s BeagleBone Black Cape offers.

  • Dual built-in CAN transceivers allows for equipment and vehicle data connections
  • NimbeLink’s EVDO Skywire modem provides GPS with a high speed cellular connection
  • Verizon ODI certified Skywire Cellular Modems eliminate the long wait for certification
  • Two additional USBA ports add flexibility
  • NimbeLink’s optional bundled, no-contract cellular plans are easy and affordable

Take the complexity out of designing cellular M2M solutions.


Please visit our Nimbelink's Skywire Beaglebone Black Cape Product Page for additional help.

Revision Changes

Revision D

Initial public release of BeagleBone Black Skywire Cape


  • Prototype Cellular-to-local network gateways
    • Cellular Communication through the Nimbelink Skywire Module
    • Second socket for Wifi/BlueTooth/Zigbee Modules
  • Four Port USB hub
    • Port one directly connected to the Skywire Cellular Modem
    • Ports two and Three broken out to USBA connectors
    • Port four is broken out to a four pin header
  • Dual CAN lines for:
    • Vehicle tracking
    • Industrial Prototyping


Followings are some specifications of the BeagleBone Black Skywire Cape, more information is available in the user manual.

Block Diagram

Skywire BeagleBone Black Cellular Cape Block Diagram

Electrical Specifications

Type Value Notes
Power 3.3V via BeagleBone header
4V via on board switching power supply
5V via BeagleBone header
5VRAW via BeagleBone header
Supported Cellular Modems Skywire 1xRTT (2G) Verizon ODI Certified
Skywire GSM/GPRS (2G)
Skywire CDMA EVDO (3G) Verizon ODI Certified
Skywire GSM/HSPA+ (3G)
Skywire LTE (4G)
Switches One reset switch
Connectors Two 46-position male/female headers
One Skywire Modem socket
One socket for Wifi/Blue-Tooth/Zigbee modules
One USB Mini-B connector
Two USB-A connectors
One GPS SMA jack
Two SMA jacks for primary and diversity cellular antennas

Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical Size 3.95" x 2.15"
Layers 4
PCB Thickness .062"
RoHS Compliant Yes

Signal Usage

Skywire BeagleBone Black Cape Pin Usage

The Nimbelink Skywire BeagleBone Black Cape uses upto 29 signals including:

  • P9-1: GND
  • P9-2: GND
  • P9-3: VCC3.3V
  • P9-4: VCC3.3V
  • P9-5: VCC5VRAW
  • P9-6: VCC5VRAW
  • P9-7: VCC5V
  • P9-8: VCC5V
  • P9-10: SYS_RESETn
  • P9-11: UART4_RXD
  • P9-13: UART5_TXD
  • P9-19: I2C2_SCL
  • P9-20: I2C2_SDA
  • P9-21: UART2_TXD
  • P9-22: UART2_RXD
  • P9-24: UART1_TXD
  • P9-26: UART1_RXD
  • P9-43: GND
  • P9-44: GND
  • P9-45: GND
  • P9-46: GND
  • P8-1: GND
  • P8-2: GND
  • P8-7: GPIO2[2]
  • P8-8: GPIO2[3]
  • P8-9: GPIO2[5]
  • P8-10: GPIO2[4]
  • P8-37: UART5_TXD
  • P8-38: UART5_RXD


EEPROM Support Yes
Board Name Nimbelink Skywire Beaglebone Black Cape
Version 00A0
Manufacturer Nimbelink Corp
Part Number NL-AB-BBBC
Pins Used 29

Getting Started

Required equipment:

  • A BeagleBone Black Skywire Cape
  • A BeagleBone Black (with supported software)
  • A Nimbelink Skywire Module
  • A 5V DC power supply (we recommend 5V - 3A)

Following the instructions in the Skywire Beaglebone Black Cape User Manual to start using your BeagleBone Black Skywire Cape

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System Reference Manual

Hardware Files

Skywire BeagleBone Black Cape Revision D

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