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OLS 2006 Demos

  • In the lobby of the main hall, CE Linux Forum is going to demonstrate the embedded Linux technologies by the CE Linux Forum members and the partners. CE Linux Forum highly appreciate the officials of the OLS to provide such opportunity for us.
  • The same demonstration will be perfoemed in the "CELF Project BOF", too. See the detail CELF Project BOF.

Date and place

  • Date: July 19
  • Time: 10:45 am to 5:00 pm
  • Place: Congress Centre, basement

Demonstration Items

  • The demonstration items are listed below.
NO Member (Presenter) Demonstration Poster
1 Sony (Kaminaga) Improving startup time using Software Suspend Media:PosterForTexhShowcase_Sony.pdf PosterForTexhShowcase Sony.jpg
2 Panasonic Mobile Communications (Mizuyama) Mobile Phone Powered by Linux Media:PosterForTexhShowcase_PMC_OLS2006.pdf PosterForTexhShowcase PMC OLS2006.jpg
3 NEC (Koto) Linux Technology from Cellular Phone implementation Media:NEC_demo_PosterForm_Eng.pdf NEC demo PosterForm Eng.jpg
4 Hitachi (Nojiri)Waseda univ. (Sugaya) Linux Kernel CPU Resource Reservation (CABI) Media:CPUResourceReservation.pdf CPUResourceReservation.jpg
5 IBM (Muneto) Mandatory Access Control Comparison for Embedded Linux Media:PosterForTexhShowcase-IBM-20060713.pdf PosterForTexhShowcase-IBM-20060713.jpg
6 Panasonic (S. Johnson) CELF Security Working Group Secure Boot Loader Media:SecureBootloader.pdf SecureBootloader.jpg
7 AIST (Suzaki)(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan) HTTP-FUSE KNOPPIX Box Media:PosterForTexhShowcase-suzaki.pdf PosterForTexhShowcase-suzaki.jpg

Actual Scene



DSC00320.jpg Demonstrating "Secure Bootloader"
DSC00321.jpg Demonstrating "Mandatory Access Control Comparison for Embedded Linux"
DSC00323.jpg Demonstrating "Software Suspend"
DSC00324.jpg Demonstrating "HTTP-FUSE KNOPPIX Box" "Take free CD-ROM"
DSC00336.jpg Demonstrating "CABI" Penguin race?
DSC00329.jpg A big croud observed in the break time.
DSC00342.jpg Enthusiastic discussions are observed everywhere.
DSC00348.jpg Thank you very much, Andrew, for visiting our demonstration
DSC00355.jpg Linux empowered Cellular Phone by two member companies, NEC and Panasonic Mobile