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Welcome to the OpenPhoenux Overview Page

OpenPhoenux Logo

This is a place where OpenPhoenux fans can come to find information on the OpenPhoenux GTA04 and OpenPhoenux Neo900 projects, which are created by Goldelico. Most of this information can also be found on the OpenPhoenux.org site and is provided here as a convenience and a possibility to collaborate with a broader community.

"The goal of the OpenPhoenux project is to provide a complete community driven and independently developed hardware, software and services platform for portable operation, that is as free and open as we can achieve it within our environment. This includes kernel, drivers and application software a well as documented hardware, and open discussion. It continues where the Openmoko project did end." (from the projects Manifest)

Interested people are invited to join the discussion at: http://lists.openphoenux.org/mailman/listinfo/community

OpenPhoenux GTA04 Project

The GTA04 is a motherboard, which functions as a base-board for different devices. It was originally designed as an upgrade/replacement board for the Openmoko Freerunner.


There are different revisions of the GTA04-Board, which have slightly different technical specifications.




OpenPhoenux Neo900 Project

The Neo900 project provides an upgrade/replacement motherboard for the Nokia N900 and also fully assembeled, pre-upgraded Neo900 devices.


The Neo900s board is roughly based on the GTA04s design.




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