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  • Custom Sharp LQ038B3DD01
  • 3.8" square
  • TFT
  • 160 x 160
  • 8-Bit, 256 colors
  • single panel
  • 4-wire bonded touch screen

Register Value
0xFFFF4000 0x0A080824
0xFFFF4004 0x0505009F
0xFFFF4008 0x00A13000
0xFFFF401C 0x00000827

major difference between the the LQ030B7DD01 and the LQ038B3DD01 is the that the lq038 is a 3.8" and the lq030 is a 3.0" , the only other obvious difference is the resolution, the LQ030B7DD01 is 320x320 , and the LQ038B3DD01 is 160x160. from the numbering i can only assume that sharp uses the B7 and B3 to indicate the resultion.

if anyone has a document describing the numbering scheme Sharp uses for their lcds please post


XXX is the screen size in inches examples:

030 3.0"
031 3.1"
035 3.5"
036 3.6"
038 3.8"
039 3.9"

A is the screen format

B Square
Q Quarter VGA
T 16:9
(sloppy edit)

Breakthrough jbevren managed to switch the lcd into 16bpp mode and upload a raster image to the lcd. The lcd seems to be pretty good qualty too. http://jbevren.net/pixter/

More documentation next week :)