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The qinno iCOM extension module is a CAPE specifically designed for the Beagle Bone Black (BBB). The iCOM provides different interfaces and digital I/O for direct usage in industrial environment. The iCOM cape can be fed with a variable input voltage from 12V DC up to 45V DC. It provides a regulated 5V output voltage for power supply of the Beaglebone, and potentially other capes.

Designed and manufactured in Germany by company qinno www.qinno.de, custom specific variants can be offered.

Revision Changes

Revision A1

Initial release of qinno iCOM Cape

Software Support

  • Beaglebone iCOM Cape is supported by Debian 8.7 2017-03-19 4GB SD LXQT image for BeagleBone (available here, link checked 2017-09-06)
  • Linux BSP and SW user manual can be downloaded here
  • Contact us for other Angstrom versions or other Linux distributions
  • Major BeagleBone image releases can be downloaded here.
  • Intermediate BeagleBone image releases can be downloaded here

Please follow the instructions here to write the image file to your SD card on a Windows machine.

Getting Started

Required Hardware setup:

  • A BeagleBone iCom Cape
  • A BeagleBone Black
  • A 12V to 48V DC power supply

Software for the iCom Cape, as well as the detailled instructions are included in the BSP-package coming with the Cape.

Block diagram

qinno cape iCom block diagram


File:Datasheet qinno cape iCOM.pdf

Following are some specifications of the BeagleBone iCOM Cape:

Bus Interface Beagle Bone Black (BBB) Rev. B
Ports 2 x RS232; 1 x RS485
Digital Outputs 4
Digital Inputs 4
Certification CE
RoHS Compliant Yes
Data Signals RS232 TxD; RxD; CTS; RTS
RS485 Termination switchable; signal and power isolated
Digital I/O
Input Voltage Range Up to 24V DC
Output Voltage Range 12V up to 45V DC
Output on-state resistance 200mOhm
Output Load Current Self limited; Nominal 0,7A; LED for each digital I/O
Power Supply
Input Voltage Range 12V to 45V DC
Maximum Current 2A for BBB and onboard CAPE Devices
Additional Functions
Sensors Onboard temperature Sensor
Memory Onboard CAPE EEPROM (256 kBit)
Memory Onboard user EEPROM (1024 kBit)
RTC Real time clock with CR2032 battery holder
Status LED Digital input and output
Dimensions 100.2 mm x 89.1 mm
Operating Temperature minus 20°C up to 70°C (except battery)
Ambient Operating Humidity 35% to 90% (at 5°C to 35°C)

How to buy

Visit the Web shop for price information and purchasing Web shop for BBB cape iCOM