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Raspberry Pi Seed Field

Idea originally thought by SeanB on 12th March 2012


To provide an extremely simple method of setting up a linux image that can simply seed torrents for the common user.


  • This would help the torrenting community by providing a low cost machine to provide constant seeding.
  • Easy to setup.
  • 24/7 seeding.

Technical Details

Operating System

  • The image will be using a Debian/Fedora operating system.


  • The image will use a program called Deluge

Comments and Ideas

Well, if the idea is to have a 24/7 torent seeder, it is better to run the RPi as a server, headless that is in order to minimize costs.

I would highly recommend using a simpler and more powerful torrent server. in this case I would opt for rtorrent, it is cli based, can be accessed and interacted with by ssh, and its resource footprint is minimal.

more info: http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/rtorrent/rtorrent.1.html

I set my RPi up using rtorrent, which worked well, but getting a web interface set up was a bit of a pain.

An alternative (which I'm running now) could be Transmission (http://www.transmissionbt.com/). The transmission-daemon package installs a headless torrent client that starts automatically at boot (unlike rTorrent).

It has a built in web-interface that provides all the functionality I've needed so far, and it's still very lightweight.

Dig412 15:48, 16 June 2012 (UTC)

I did the whole work using transmission a base torrent seeder. I also add more functionnality, like direct download using wget4web cgi script. All the documentation has been done here, in french (http://site-mpe.fr/wp/2012/08/16/raspberrypi-faire-un-serveur-de-telechargement/). I've started translating it for the english part of the wiki.

Ecaheti 16:22, 21 Aug 2012 (UTC+2)