RPi End-user FAQ

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Question Answer Reason
I want more RAM and a faster CPU . Too expensive. 35 $ , remember , more important : takes too much time to design.
Will it run Windows (8) ? No. Technical limitations , money and time.
Where can I add RAM ? Nowhere. It's impossible. The RAM is in the main chip. And there is no support for adding DIMM Slots. You may use swap .
Why is there no PCI and eSATA ? Cost. Nearly no ARM chips have PCI , either. Products with eSATA exist - they can cost 100 $ upwards.
I want a model C with extra features . There are only 2 rules.
# Do not talk about Model C. # Don't forget Rule 1.
Ever heard of Osborne Effect  ? . Also : takes time to design , schools are poor and don't want (to pay) more.
I want to play my favourite game on the RPi. If you have been sent here , No. 1 : Windows won't work. 2 : The Pi ist too slow , hasn't much RAM. 3. The owners won't port it. 4. Its closed source . Nobody will port it.


More RAM and faster CPU is expensive

The Pi costs 35$ for schools (tax rebate , bulk shipping ). When the Processor costs 15$ instead of 7$ , that will make a difference (25 % !!) to the end price. Worse than that : It takes time . Loads of time to redesign - and who pays that ? In a charity ?

What about Model C

If you are willing to pay double , who knows ? Anyway : Time is necessary . Again , unpaid time - or you may pay triple ?