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Adding The Mozilla IceWeasel web browser to a Raspberry Pi

What does it do?

The Mozilla Firefox web browser is popular on many computer operating systems. On Debian systems (including Debian and Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi), the implementation of Firefox is rebranded as "Iceweasel". More details are available on the Wikipedia page.

The Midori browser does not support many html features, including HTML5, and has stability issues with many web pages. Iceweasel gives you all the features and security updates that are available with Firefox, and adds stability to your browsing experience.

This guide shows you how to install the Mozilla Iceweasel browser on your Raspberry Pi for recent Raspbian or Debian operating systems.


  • A booted Raspberry Pi with keyboard, mouse, monitor
  • A network connection (Ethernet or WiFi).
  • Authorization to use root privileges.

Installing the software

Login to the computer, activate a terminal window by either double click on either of the "LXTerminal" or "Root Terminal" icons or menu "Accessories -> LXTerminal" or "Accessories -> Root Terminal". Type the following commands in the terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install iceweasel

Answer with a positive response if asked about authorization. With both the 'upgrade' and 'install' steps, answer "Y" when asked about disk space.

After this sequence, the IceWeasel browser should be installed on your computer. It can be activated from the system menu "Internet -> Iceweasel".

This browser should look familiar to you if you are a Firefox user on other systems. All dialogs and features are similar or the same as with Firefox. Many plugins will work on both Iceweasel and Firefox.