RPi Noob Guides for Wheezy using 2012-06-18 beta

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Heads up there have been loads of posts on the Forum caused by Power issues, Wireless and hub incorporated keyboards and incorectly seated SD cards (partiularly where the SD card holder had a broken edge) if you are having problems check the Verified Hardware list If your SD holder is broken then contact your supplier re-returns (You should not be going to the back of the queue). If you can live with a bodge that seats your SD card then feel free but the recomendation is if it is broken out of the box seek a replacement from your supplier.

These notes are for the this specific beta release there is a new release 2012-07-15-wheezy-raspbian.img see section at the bottom of the page however the Blind Login Method using putty appears to work fine there's some changes to raspi-config annd there's now a raspi-config page for that version.

This older version 2012-06-18 Beta is available here

A lot of this is applicable to Raspbian instalations.

Here are a few links to pages spcifically written to support noob members of our community.

Note noob (new-bee)is not used in a dreogetory sense it only signifies a user on the start of the road to geekdom.

All too many geeks and uber-geeks forget that they were once noobs themselves.

The guides are linked to the 2012-16-18 beta image in the title only for ease of fixing them to that specific image of wheezy.

There is every posibility that they will work just as well with later versions.

However on the pretence of not wishing to appear stupid the page is nominaly linked to that image.

  1. Atmpt at a jagon busting guide RPi Noob Guide to the Pi image
  2. Fresh out of the box and nothing on the screen some advice for the first time boot and you have a blank screen
  3. If you have imaged the Wheezy SD card image and started your RPi here's some help with what you see first the raspi-config menu specific to this version of Wheezy
  4. Set up a larger command line font RPi_Command_line_font_size for use with HDMI monitors (Note may be visualy too big for composite but it will still work & it also works for Raspbian instalations).
  5. If you don't have a composite monitor or HDMI then it may be worth you looking at this Blind Login Method this also works for Raspbian instalations and uses ssh.
  6. Wheezy Fortune a bit of ancient fun from the old days of UNIX Older than Dos
  7. Build yourself a Wheezy LAMP webserver. (Note this just tells you how to load some software)
  8. VNC connection for the monitorily challenged Noob VNC for a wheezy install (primarily for noobs that are using the Blind Login)
  9. Heres an interesting one Wheezy_and_the_ssh_client this is how to play blind login with the Wheezy install as a client to test this I had a model "A" as server and my model "B" as the client both running wi-fi.
  10. FTP page in development
  11. Joomla 2.5 CMS (Open source Content Management System)

Noob hardware projects

  1. Noob hardware project guide Noob Hardware Guides note at present there's only one project but there is a link to some suitable external projects.


Noob guide to the Raspbian.

The raspian image with install help is available here

Issues with new image

I'm posting this as a heads up I just downloaded the torrent of 201-07-15-wheezy-raspbian off of a torrent checksum ok and it appears to install to SD.

On a clean first time boot it appears not to detect the live (yes it is switched on) HDMI it's on and playing via a Blind Login using putty for an ssh connection so the image works and it appears to be good for composite but it appears the HDMI is not playing for the first time out of the SD card.

Once I have run raspi-config off of a putty blind login or composite screen it fires no problem both to command line and to startx if thats chosen from the raspi-config but oly on re-boot HDMI is still not live after a shutdown.

The earlier version was working and I do know my way round this as can be seen from the noob writeups contained in the links on this page.

Obviously I will have to do some more testing but I thought this had to be worth a heads up on the off chance it's not something I'm doing.

Ok done an additional test confirmation the composite fires up just as it did for the earlier version going directly to the raspi-config menu but it appears to be only playing on the composite output not hdmi unless you reboot or engage the startx desktop option in raspi-config.

The previous version went to composite if you did not have HDMI plugged in.

Note it works once you have chosen the Desktop option but if you can't see a command line screen you can't view the raspi-config script to activate it.

I've found something else once you have run raspi-config and done a reboot it plays ok if you reboot however if you shutdown it won't restart to HDMI.

But it re-starts and if you blind login using putty and sudo reboot it then starts with a live HDMI screen (go figure) it also still has the microscopic font.

Another source page for hardware fixes

R-Pi Troubleshooting