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New one for the noob with issues there are two other pages on this one covers editing one covers technical options but here I hope you understand why.

Here's some information that might just help you get a Wheezy SD image working.

When you create the image on an SD card and before you remove it to install on your RPi take a look at the contents you should see a file config.txt this little text file contains settings that the RPi is going to use on first boot and susequent boots after a shutdown i.e. sudo halt

If your running from windows do not open the file with Notepad it does not wrap the lines properly use Word or Wordpad (don't ask me about a Mac I just don't know) and I'll get around to Linux later.

The content should look like this you will notice lots of lines start with a # symbol


The hash # here signifies a comment line so as far as Wheezy is concerned anything that follows the # on that line is a comment and deleting the # makes it into an active line.

so for example removing the # from the start of the line #sdtv_mode=2 so that it looks like


Forces wheezy to use PAL (Phase alternating line) the favoured setting for European tv's for the composite signal as opposed to NTSC (National Television System Committee) the favoured standard used by American tv's now there's a wiki page that gives a lot more detail on the options RPi config.txtbut that page is not noob oriented.